Sorry would have saved me the trip

Sorry would have saved me the trip is the result of a lost love. When Thomas Vandenberghe received a break-up letter from his girlfriend in 2011, he made a little book of photographs – his reply to the letter, but in images. Six years later, the photographer reviewed, reworked and added to his selection. The story in pictures shows how Vandenberghe tried to deal with the break-up, how he tried to escape his sorrow, and how those around him helped. Six people took him to six different spots. Sorry would have saved me the trip is about a journey everyone has to make at some time or another to rediscover themselves. It never became a complete response to the farewell letter.
Thomas Vandenberghe is a Belgian photographer. He makes small, intimate images – mostly with flash, so that they seem almost like snapshots. His silver gelatin prints are frequently repeated, blurred or torn, each testifying to a process of assimilation. 

Sorry would have saved me the trip is published in an exclusive edition of just 200 copies, and includes a photograph (C-print) printed and signed by the artist.
December 2017
48 pp.
24 x 17 cm
Softcover with dust jacket

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