Pavel Büchler: In Amongst the Ashes


Using found text, images and obsolete technologies, such as slide projectors, typewriters and the printing press, the UK-based Czech-born artist Pavel Büchler distils new meaning out of the everyday. 'For the series Modern Paintings EW582 (Amazon Ascension), he systematically peeled the paint from the original work, reversed the flakes, and then pasted them back onto it. As a result, the act of painting re-emerges as a performance on canvas.’ (Tommy Simoens, gallery owner). Combining philosophical scepticism with a smart sense of humour, he dislodges apparently banal objects from their usual functions: the result is ambiguous, and every confrontation with the work brings a new layer of meaning to the surface. Büchler describes his practice as ‘making nothing happen;’ he incorporates accidental finds into an oeuvre that both invokes and scrambles methods of communication with lightness and precision. In Amongst the Ashes is the first monograph to offer a full survey of Büchler's oeuvre. With essays by Nick Thurston, Philippe Pirotte, Nikos Papastergiadis, Kate Christina Mayne, and an interview with Lisa Le Feuvre. 

June 2016
320 pp.
25,5 x 25,5 cm