Guy Leclercq

Around 1980 Guy Leclercq (°1940) turned his back on figurative art and passed through a gradual process of evolution towards geometric abstraction. 

He finds his inspiration in such universal themes as love, passion and eroticism, as well as tension, rejection and jealousy. His compositions set out from the geometry, which he allows to develop into a poetic variant. Surfaces slide over and through one another in a rhythmic play. The dominant tones are soft greys, broken whites, hard blacks and green sheens. His work seems to be a quest for a synthesis between cold and warm abstraction, between geometry and lyricism. Thus Leclercq does not practise abstraction for its own sake, but as a medium to convey a message.

From "Guy Leclercq, or the paradox of lyrical geometry", William Elias

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